Have you ever called someone sleepy head? Well, more and more researchers are showing that they might be doing the right thing. Many people believe sleep can improve their heath. They are half right, a good quality sleep will provide enormous health benefits that researchers are still trying to correlate with various data. On the other hand, a poor quality sleep will cause many complicated issues and some may be more serious than you think.

Research has already established a positive relationship between sleep and memory improvement. In fact, if you want to learn something new, try to learn it before going to sleep and you will find a nice break will actually help you better memorize the skill you are trying to learn. 

Also, positive correlations have been found in many databases to associate the amount of sleep with an individual’s life span. In a 2010 study, more deaths occurred to people with less than 5 hours sleep. Although the correlations between lacking sleep and some heath issues (such as issues with liver function) are not yet proven, there is enough data to convince those who care about their health to value their sleep just as much as their diet. 

What happens to human brains and how they perform without enough sleep is not yet well understood by scientists, but it is easy to feel the pain of fatigue without one night’s sleep. The maximum reported time awake for a human is 264 hours. (Please don’t try to break this record) The test subject experienced enormous psychological and physical suffering during this period and was disjunctive in perform regular tasks. Amazingly, a quality sleep is all he needed to repair most of the damage done.”


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