Viva Pharmaceutical Inc's Privacy Policy

Viva Pharmaceutical Inc. (Viva) highly values and respects the privacy of our customers, and is committed to the protection of personal information. We have thus developed this document which contains information regarding our policy regarding the protection of personal information and about your rights in this Privacy Policy, which describes in detail the collection, access, use, retention, correction, and communication of personal information in our possession.


On Viva’s website, there will be opportunities and situations wherein personal information will be collected. Such information includes names, mailing addresses, living addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, payment information, government authorized identification numbers, and other information about a private individual that could potentially make identification possible.
Viva will primarily collect personal information for member registration purposes. Personal information will be used to open a customer file, process orders, payment of commissions, and for fiscal requirements. Personal information may also be used to respond to customer questions regarding their Viva account, to offer customers information about Viva’s products and services, as well as to satisfy legislative and regulatory requirements. Personal information may also be retained on Viva’s website in situations such as:

1. Requests for automatic shipment of Viva products
2. Online purchases
3. Online profile and membership registration

In all cases, consent will be asked and attained before releasing personal information in accordance with the uses set out in the policy regarding the protection of personal information.


It is possible to visit and use our website without revealing one’s identification. However, note that Viva’s web server still recognizes technological entities such as 1) IP address and the domain used to access the site, 2) the type and version of the web browser and operating system used, 3) the number, duration, and frequency of visits made to the Viva site, and 4) the previous and subsequent websites visited in relation to the Viva site. However, this anonymous information cannot be associated with a particular user, and is only collected to monitor the performance of the site for system administration purposes, to make the site more user-friendly, to improve services, and to collect summary information (e.g. the number of visitors who accessed the site).

We use cookies, which are small files that your web browser installs on your computer’s hard drive, to memorize the user code, password and preferences of users who visit our website, and to facilitate their navigation of the site. Cookies allow us to adapt a website or advertisements according to your interests and preferences. Rest assured that cookies are safe to use.

Our website contains links to websites operated by third parties. Our policy regarding the protection of personal information does not cover these websites, and we recommend that users read the personal information policies that affect these third party sites. We cannot be held responsible for the content of websites operated by third parties or for the practices of third parties in terms of protecting personal information.


We are committed to not disclose your personal information to third parties other than those mentioned in this policy or unless we are required to do so by law. As well, we will seek your consent should we decide to disclose your personal information to third parties other than those mentioned here.


Viva is committed to the protection of personal information of our customers. All of our employees are trained to ensure that all personal information is respected, protected and handled appropriately. Our highly sophisticated computer system grants limited access to personal information by our employees and is under tight security at all times to prevent any breached or leaked information.
Personal information is only accessed when required, and duration of access is optimally minimized in order to provide Viva products and services. After the completion of access, all personal information is destroyed.
We use our best efforts to keep the contents of your personal file up to date and rely on the customersto inform us of any changes. Customers can provide up-to-date information by periodically verifying the personal information about you in our possession, by informing us of any change to the personal information in our possession by contacting us through our online site, accessing your personal online account at Viva or by calling us during regular office hours.


You have the right to:
• Have access to the personal information that we retain.
• ​Deny consent to the disclosure of your personal information or to limit this disclosure (please keep in mind that this could affect our ability to offer you our products by email) and
• ​Request that we correct any errors in your personal information file.

To ensure that your personal information is well protected, we are required to request adequate proof of your identity (i.e. credit card, government-issued ID). This obligation applies to all requests for access, use, retention, correction, modification of consent and communication of any of your personal information in our possession. This proof of identity will be used only for this purpose.

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